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'Lying is no longer a sin': former French ambassador on Brexit and Boris Johnson

The Observer 26 Feb 2021
It was an an astonishing place.” ... And that’s Brexit, too.”. First and foremost, though, was the shock ... Bermann was all the more shocked by Johnson, she says, because the first time she met him, at a breakfast, he had given “a fine speech, about how Sparta, in ancient Greece, had vanished because it cut itself off, while Athens, open city, flourished”.

Anderson: Let the games go on at Polk County colleges

The Ledger 21 Feb 2021
The war paused, troops laid down their weapons, and the city states gathered in Corinth, a city halfway between Athens and Sparta, to celebrate the games of the Olympiad ... The plague struck Athens not once, but twice.

A New Cold War with China

Beijing News 19 Feb 2021
U.S.-Chinese relations will determine humanity's fate ... How we respond to and shape that arc of history will affect the lives of this and future generations ... After nearly a century of U.S ... And, despite U.S ... First is the Thucydides Trap, named for the ancient Greek historian's analysis of the Peloponnesian War between Athens and Sparta ... hegemony ... policy.