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Being Herd: Understanding How the Left Views Society

The American Spectator 22 Jun 2024
... Best Life Now.” When Plato urged the Athenians to practice abortion — unknown in Athens at the time but observed in Sparta — he recognized the value of eugenics for controlling the herd.

DeSantis selfishly guts Florida's arts and culture funding for a budget gimmick | Commentary 21 Jun 2024
"We want to be Athens, not Sparta," he'd say. "We need artists, actors, teachers, poets, writers.". Some of the larger line items Gov ... children's choruses, opera houses, symphonies, theatres, zoological societies, cultural councils ...

Sparta: The Battle of Leuctra and Its Decline

Greek Reporter 18 Jun 2024
After winning the Peloponnesian Wars (431-404 BC) and forcing Athens to surrender, Sparta took over the Athenian Empire and kept all its tribute revenues, leaving nothing to its allies—Thebes, Corinth, and Argos—and others who contributed to the war.

Ancient Greek City of Corinth

Greek Reporter 18 Jun 2024
Overshadowed by Athens ... During the Peloponnesian War (431-404 BC), Corinth allied with Sparta against Athens ... In the Corinthian War (395-387 BC) that erupted, Corinth sided with Athens, Thebes, and Argos against Sparta.

Epaminondas, the Ancient Greek General Who Made Thebes Great

Greek Reporter 17 Jun 2024
Herodotus exaggerated the neutral stance of Thebes, which was against joining Athens and Sparta in the war against the invaders ... Thebes joined its former rival—Athens, the defeated side of the conflict—along with Corinth and Argos against Sparta.

Between hollow rhetoric and war: how sanctions work – and why they often don’t

The Guardian 17 Jun 2024
The Peloponnesian war, pitting Athens against Sparta, erupted a year later, and some ancient historians believe it was triggered by the Megarian sanctions.

Central Greece Records Highest Temperature of 43.2�C Amid Heatwave

Greek City Times 13 Jun 2024
... the National Observatory of Athens' automated meteorological network. Sparta closely followed with 43.1�C.

It’s the Always the LEFT Who Are the Threat to Democracy& Liberty

Armstrong Economics 11 Jun 2024
The ancient city-state of Sparta, which waged war and defeated Athens in 404 BC, was the classic battle between the Left and the Right. Sparta was a communist state, standing against democracy and private wealth.

Federalism in Ancient Greece: Evolution of the City State

Greek Reporter 11 Jun 2024
Because the Archaic and early Classical periods were shaped by powerful city-states like Athens and Sparta, federal states necessarily developed on the margins.

Miltiades: The General Who Won the Battle of Marathon

Greek Reporter 10 Jun 2024
Born around the year 554 BC, Miltiades (or Miltiades the Younger) was the son of Cimon Coalemos of Athens, an aristocratic charioteer known as a three-time winner in the Olympics ... Miltiades returns to Athens ... Miltiades himself returned to Athens.

The World’s Great Powers Are Adjusting To The New, Post-2016 Reality

The Liberty Beacon 10 Jun 2024
... which this caused in Sparta,” wrote Thucydides in the History of the Peloponnesian War ... This separation allowed Thucydides to collect detailed information on the 27-year war between Athens and Sparta.

Which Ideology of Subordination Do We Want?

The Daily Sceptic 09 Jun 2024
Athens, Sparta, Corinth etc.) had died ... In his book Confessions of a Reluctant Theorist — not that reluctant, obviously — Runciman commented that there was no set of values in Athens or Sparta to ...

The End of Everything by Victor Davis Hanson: Splendid and compulsively readable despite one weakness

The Irish Times 05 Jun 2024
Thebes – along with Corinth, Athens and Sparta, one of the four great centres of early Hellenic civilisation – made the fatal mistake of overreach in fomenting an uprising against the Macedonian ...